How To Get Rid Of Baby Thrush?

Thrush in babies is common. All babies are born with a form of bacteria called Candida in their mouths. Candida is yeast. It’s the same type of yeast that causes yeast infections in women and diaper rash in babies when it spreads, as it is capable of doing.

When a baby develops thrush, it can be a confusing and frustrating event for any parent. If you’ve never experienced it before, you might worry a bit more than necessary. Thrush is not a dangerous illness. It’s an infection that can occur in babies, and it’s not something you have to panic over.

Thrush is not typically painful for babies unless the lesions found in and around the mouth are left untreated. Typically, you will notice thrush lesions in the sides of the cheeks and on your baby’s tongue in small groupings. They’ll appear to look much like cottage cheese.

You might mistake them first as milk spots and attempt to wipe them off with a finger or towel, which could cause them to bleed. If this occurs, you’ll know it’s thrush. Contact your child’s pediatrician immediately. In small patches, thrush is not painful or even noticeable by your baby.

However, if it continues to grow as it’s left untreated, it could become painful. When and if it becomes painful, your baby might not feed well The sucking motion can cause the lesions to hurt, causing so much pain in your baby’s mouth that he or she no longer latches on when breast feeding or bottle feeding.

The best way to get rid of baby thrush is by calling the pediatrician and scheduling an appointment so he or she can diagnose your baby’s thrush. Once the pediatrician diagnoses the thrush in your baby’s mouth, he or she will discuss two treatment options with you. Both medications are given orally. One is inserted into your baby’s mouth and rubbed onto lesions after each feeding. The other is taken orally through a medicine dropper until the lesions clear up and the thrush is gone.

How To Treat Baby Thrush?

Picture of a mother treating her baby thrush

The best form of treatment for baby thrush is a prescribed medication from the baby’s pediatrician. Your doctor will offer you two choices.

The first choice is a gel. This oral remedy is something you will insert into your baby’s mouth and rub on his or her thrush lesions. The best time to do this is directly after your baby eats. After a feeding, your baby’s mouth is left untouched for several hours until the next feeding. This gives the medication time to sit untouched on top of the lesions to clear them up.

The second type of medication your child’s pediatrician might offer you is an oral medication. You will place the recommended dose in a dropper and feed it to your baby several times a day for a few days until the medication is gone and the lesions clear up.

However, even with medication prescribed by your baby’s doctor, you will still need to treat your baby’s thrush at home Because it is contagious, it could come back in full force if you do not treat all aspects of the infection.

The first thing you need to do when your baby develops thrush is treat yourself if you are a breast feeding mother. Your child’s doctor can also prescribe something for you to help you clear up any thrush that is on your nipples.

If they are red and painful, you have developed the infection. If they are not red and painful, you may not be suffering from thrush yourself. However, you will still need to treat your nipples before and after each feeding by washing them with warm water and soap and allowing them to dry out in the fresh air.

The second way to treat thrush is to sterilize all things that go into your baby’s mouth to prevent them from causing the infection to reoccur after medical treatment. This requires sterilizing all bottle nipples and pacifiers and teething objects in boiling water for 10 minutes. It is imperative that you allow these items to cool completely before returning them to your baby. Burning your child’s mouth is a very real chance you take if you do not allow these items too cool completely.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Thrush On The Tongue?

Baby thrush is most common along the inside of your baby’s cheeks. However, it is common on your baby’s tongue as well. If your baby has thrush on his or her tongue, the treatment method is very much the same as it is anywhere else in the mouth.

However, it’s also difficult for parents to resist the urge to wipe away the white, cottage cheese-like lesions in a baby’s mouth. Try not to do this, even if they look bad to you. You will cause them to bleed because they are very sensitive. It can cause quite a bit of discomfort for your baby as well.

The most effective way to treat thrush on the tongue is with one of the two different medications your child’s doctor will prescribe you. You can either place gel medication on the tongue and rub it into the lesions as a cure or provide him or her with oral medication. Both are just as effective as the other. The only difference is in the application of the medication.

You will still have to sterilize all items that come into contact with your baby’s mouth while thrush is a problem. This includes bottles, pacifiers, teething items, and any toys that find their way into your baby’s mouth. If you use the topical gel, you will need to thoroughly wash your hands after each application as it will spread to you and back to your baby if you do not. Additionally, be careful to clean your breasts after each feeding if you nurse your baby.