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About Baby Thrush

Becoming a parent is a big decision that many people do not take lightly. Becoming a parent will bring with it experiences and situations you might be unfamiliar with. Even if you grew up around babies and know plenty of families with babies of their own, your experience will be vastly different. With the birth of a baby comes a wealth of knowledge and day-to-day learning. One experience with which you might not be familiar is baby thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth of your baby. It is caused by your baby’s natural supply of Candida, the yeast bacteria in his or her mouth.

This bacterium is always present in your baby’s mouth, but it’s not usually problematic.Candida does not become a problem until your baby is sick or on antibiotics that reduce the number of good bacteria in his or her body. When there isn’t enough good bacteria to keep the yeast bacteria under control, thrush forms. It’s a white substance that greatly resembles cottage cheese. You’ll notice that it appears inside your baby’s mouth. It could be on his or her inner cheeks, tongue, lips, or even the roof of your baby’s you know you’re dealing with thrush, you’re going to want more information.

It’s not a scary disease by any means. However, it is an infection that can bring with it some negative side effects. Knowing as much as you can about thrush can help you to deal with the situation, ease your fears, and help with your next move. Education is always the best resource when it comes to dealing with health issues, which is where our site comes in handy. On our site you will find any and everything you need to know about thrush and how it affects your provide you with resources to help you learn how to recognize thrush, how to treat it naturally at home, when to call the doctor, and how to prevent yourself from developing this infection.

Our information is a comprehensive overview and in-depth discussion of what thrush is, how to deal with it, and what to expect. You will be better prepared to face this infection in your baby once you have this wealth of information in your mind. Being educated about this infection is going to make it easier for you, your baby, and the rest of your family.